Our Mission

To glorify God as we supply our customers with top quality products and service. To treat our customers with professionalism, respect, fairness, and integrity by caring for and listening to them. To model hard work and strive for excellence while representing our industry.

Our History

The meager beginnings of an Edelman family business began around 1950 when Clemens Edelman found his interests lay in carpentry work. As a teen he helped lay brick on the family farmhouse. When he finished school he moved to central Illinois to work one year for contractor Amos Stahl. His life took a turn when he was drafted for military service in Korea for two years. Upon returning to Sabetha, however, he pursued his unforgotten interests and joined Art Hartter, an experienced carpenter, in a partnership operation in 1953. Together they built homes in the area until the early 1960’s when Clem became an independent contractor.

Clemens married Marjorie Steidinger in 1961 and began a family while working out of his home. They purchased Roberts Construction in Sabetha in the early 1970’s, which was the building at the current location. Shortly thereafter they also bought the hardware of the closing-out Kurz-Franklin Hardware Store. With the combined experience of Clemens’ carpentry skills and now employee Bud Kurz’s retail knowledge, a building supply center was established in 1973. The business became incorporated seven years later. Clemens and Marjorie operated Edelmans, Inc. with the help of their children until Clemens’ passing in 1992.

A son, Loren Edelman, with wife Jeanne, purchased the business in 1998. They continue to offer a large line of hardware items, lumber and building supplies, and have a knowledgeable construction crew.

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